Tue, 20 August, 2019

Submission of Memorandum to the Prime Minister of Nepal

Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation User’s Nepal and Resource Centre for Primary Health Care (RecPhec) together submitted memorandum to the Prime Minister of Nepal including their concerns and issues to be incorporated in a delegation to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on 18 September 2009. As the British Prime Minister, Mr. Gordon Brown has laid stress to expand the existing health care schemes in seven developing countries including Nepal, it is a great opportunity in part of FEDWASUN to forefront its issues in international level. The memorandum focused on the need of raising people’s living standards by utilizing quality water and sanitation services. Due to the lack of clear policy scope on quality water supply and sanitation services, access of poor and marginalized people to it remains major threat in raising people’s living standards. Government of Nepal is less aware about the preventive health schemes that include quality water supply and hygiene awareness. By focusing on this issue, the memorandum urged Prime Minister of Nepal to prudently reciprocate this issue at the UNGA for the new international support.