Tue, 20 August, 2019

Midterm Review Workshop of Aligning for Action and Accelerating for WASH for All Program

FEDWASUN is implementing a program Aligning for Action and Accelerating for WASH for All in Nepal with support of UNICEF. FEDWASUN has been implementing this program in 8 districts from April, 2014. Midterm review of this program was held in Khushi-Khushi Hotel, Matatirtha, Kathmandu on February 9 and 10, 2015. All together 42 people were participated in Review Workshop along with central committee members of FEDWASUN and staffs as well as government officials, UNICEF, Water Aid and Helvetas. District Program Officers from 8 program districts presented progress status, issues and challenges of program as well as coordination with other stakeholders in districts. The issues raised regarding water safety plan, functionality and sustainability of water supply schemes, ODF(Open Defecation Feee) and Pos-ODF were discussed in the workshop. Mr. Kiran Darnal SDE of DWSS, Dr. Sudan Panthi, National Professional Officer of WHO and Mr. Namraj Khatri freelancer consultant provided feedback and suggestions to improve the implementation of the program specially on Water Safety Plan. Mr. Balkrishna Pokhrel, Program Manager of FEDWASUN presented the current status and initiatives of the WASH sector along with FEDWASUN's progress and organization's strategic plan. Further, Ms. Luna Khatiwada, Senior Program Officer of FEDWASUN presented baseline information of all 8 working districts. Mr. Rajendra Basnet from Media Cafe Pvt. Ltd. shared the progress and activities of radio program named Hamro Aawaz . During the workshop the book entitled WASH Governance Laws in Nepal was launched by Director General of DWSS Mr. Ram Deep Shah. It was prepared with support from Helvetas Nepal. At that program Mr. Prem Nidhi KC, Senior Sociologist of DWSS , Ms. Anu Paudyal WASH Officer of UNICEF, Mr. Yogesh Pant Advocacy Coordinator of Helvetas Nepal and Mr. Govinda Shrestha Research and Advocacy Officer of Water Aid Nepal expressed their remarks and feedback for effective implementation of the program. Ms. Anu Paudyal shared key findings of Nepal Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, 2014 and provided suggestions and feedback for better performance of program. Shah, the chief guest of program expressed his belief toward FEDWASUN working better in WASH sector in coming days and also committed to shake hands with FEDWASUN in this matter. Mr. Rajendra Aryal, National President of FEDWASUN urged all the stakeholders to work together for functionality, sustainability and quality of drinking water. He mentioned that FEDWASUN is working with motto of Water and Sanitation for all and forever. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to all supporting agencies and participants in this review workshop.